Maurermeister Hellmann
& ISORAST [Logo-animiert]
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The structural system for the environmental protection architecture of the next millenium
solid - within a short time - top dammed - fascinating simple - economical/inexpensive
even self building is possible
no "hard work" at the building
without previous knowledge, the specialists will come to you and show how to build your individual house.
Again a building of bricklayer Hellmann!
Non-standard planning & construction supervision
  • " energy saving and environmental protection world champion in building blocks for massif walls! "

  • ®ISORAST-walls are dry right from the beginning

  • k-values (heat transition coefficient)
    31er-External wall component 0.19 W/(m²K)
    37er-Thick wall item 0,14 W/(m²K)
    43er-Super-Thick wall item 0,11 W/(m²K)

  • 37er and 43er-Wall suitable for " passive houses " = houses without heating!

  • statical loadable up to 10 levels like hall buildings, churches and trade halls
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